Film has long been a hobby of mine starting with high school photography class, working on the student TV station at UT-Austin and traveling to Ecuador in 2007 to work as Associate Producer on an indie flick: Safe by My Side which screened at Seattle’s True Indie Fest. However, in April 2008 I decided to take my hobby seriously so I bought a Super 8mm camera, Canon 1014XL, and a Sennheiser ME-66 microphone and began filming personal documentaries. Since then I have acquired a Mac Pro, Cameras, Lenses, and lighting equipment. My buddy Joe Sotiroff is my co-conspirator who built a sound studio in his house to record and score all of the audio for the film projects. 

The following is a timeline of the bigger ventures that I have completed throughout the years. Thanks for reading.

Project Synopses:


Mental Health America
This was the most ambitious project to date where I raised a budget, scheduled location and hired 20 professionals to execute the video in one night. I produced, directed, and edited the live video for Mental Health America, a national non-profit for which I sit on the board. The video was produced to resemble a Ted Talk training and to satisfy a grant for continuing education to train mental health interpreters and service providers to non-English speaking patients in Middle Tennessee.

Hawaii & Costa Rica Travel Montages
In 2015 I produced two personal travel montages titled Luna Rica and Hawaii Wailua for our honeymoon to Costa Rica and our “second honeymoon” to Maui, Hawaii.

Live Recording
I produced/directed/recorded one live Parkade recording for Ainsley in our office parking garage. Double camera coverage, dual microphone setup, and just me. Great experience! 


During this year I have worked quite frequently with 12th&Broad a “living magazine” that connects young professionals, creatives, and entrepreneurs in Nashville and is a part of The Tennessean/Gannett family of media. I have produced 6 videos for them and have loved every minute of creative opportunity that it brings. 

Live Recordings
I have learned that I love live recording from field recorded music to live technical direction. It is exhilarating, the events are interesting, and the folks are great to work with. I directed a few music videos this year, Parkade recordings, and live technical direction which can be found on my portfolio page.

Vivant is a personal documentary and a sequel to Bon Vivant. It follows my adventures to China and how filmmaking changes my views on life, travel, my Chinese heritage and ultimately, my purpose in making films. 

Parkade Recordings
A venture into simple compelling music videos shot on location with no frills but the music speaking for itself.

Asian Synergy Network
A Company Promotional to help market an affinity group to connect the employees here in Tennessee with our Asian offices.


Indian Rescue Mission This is a promotional for a mission in India that rescue children from the streets and human trafficking. I filmed this in September 2011 on digital and completed in spring of 2012. This was perhaps the most involved project I ever worked on that took nearly 11 months of pre-planning and organization to bring a film crew of 3 to help expose sex trafficking in central India. We trekked through New Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

Sosogo Nigeria is my first jump to Digital. In July 2010, 12 Americans traveled to Ikot Ekpene in Eastern Nigeria to teach a Vacation Bible School. Over the course of two weeks, the 2000 kids that they met deeply impacted them and they returned to America as different people. I filmed on a Canon Rebel T2i with a Zeiss Distagon 21mm. The film was completed in April 2011 and a final re-cut was just posted this summer featuring the full 26 minute HD version.

Irrealis is my first narrative short that pays homage to spy films. What is irrealis? A new, nameless CIA agent (David Tuchman) is double crossed and believed to be murdered by a ruthless cohort, alias John Snidow, who assumes his identity to become a mole for a drug cartel. Snidow begins operating in Europe only to see it fail, signaled by the sudden return of the nameless agent. The uncertainty causes Snidow’s deep insecurities to overtake him and he flees across Europe. Ironically the nameless agent pursues but doesn’t kill, and out of desperation Snidow will make a terrible discovery.

Filmed on location in 13 European countries in 10 days during Thanksgiving week. Originally meant to be an entry into the Amazing Race, the short film took on a life of its own. In the end, we made something that is both fun to watch and share with our friends.

I volunteered my time to write a business plan and run financials for an upstart non-profit production company called Athentikos on their first film Reparando. The film later screened at Kansas International Film Festival and the Mexico International Film Festival, among others.

Bon Vivant is about the travels of my Sister and I as we backpacked through Berlin, Amsterdam, Brugge, and Prague in the Summer of 2008. It is filmed in the style of a ‘personal documentary’ which were popular short films from the late 60s and 70s and narrated by a the direction, who usually concludes something philosophical. The sound editing was done by my good friend Joe Sotiroff, a sax player, who also scored the film to an original jazz number.